Sean - Food Reheating Profile PhotoHi. I’m Sean, and I’m a huge fan of leftover food…but I didn’t used to be.

I used to HATE leftovers. Lukewarm, cold-in-the-middle, soggy, yucky food. Then I started to figure out that the right tool can actually bring leftover food back to life. For me, the Ah-Ha moment was when I used my convection oven to reheat McDonald’s french fries and make them hot and crispy again. Once that I happened, I started to wonder what other reheated foods I was missing out on. Pizza? Waffles? Pork chops? The list was endless.

So, I started testing the process of reheating foods and sharing my successes (and failures) with my friends and family. Now, I’m sharing them with you.

Here are a few answers to questions that I often hear:

Q: What is your favorite tool for reheating foods?

A: It’s tempting to say the microwave because I simply use it the most. But when really thinking about it, my favorite is by far my air fryer. Why? Because it is the only tool that truly brings french fries and pizza back to their original, out-of-the-oven state. I love those foods so much that my air fryer wins the place as my favorite reheating tool.

Q: What is your favorite food to reheat?

A: I mentioned pizza and french fries already, so I’ll have to think of something else. From a protein perspective, I do love reheated turkey when it’s reheated properly. Reheating turkey for too long can result in drying it out, so it’s key to reheat it properly. My tip? Keep a little jar of the drippings after you roast a turkey and when you reheat the meat, pop it in the microwave and drizzle it lightly with the drippings. The moisture will help keep it moist and juicy. 

Sean - Reheating Fried ChickenQ: Do you *really* like leftover foods?

A: I really do. When I was growing up, my mom wasn’t a great cook. Her idea of a casserole was to combine 2-3 meals from the previous nights and then put cheddar cheese on top of it. If you’re thinking that I stole that idea from the show Malcolm in the Middle…I didn’t. I was living that leftover nightmare in my childhood long before Frankie Muniz was even born.  All those yucky leftovers left a bad taste in my mouth for reheating food (pun intended). So, as an adult I never really enjoyed leftovers…until I realized that reheating foods properly could actually bring them back to life. This opened up a whole new world of enjoying foods for me. 

Q: Are there reheated restaurant foods that you really enjoy?

A: For sure! American portions at restaurants are crazy big, so I rarely eat a full meal at a restaurant. Instead, I bring it home and begin the science experiment of learning how to reheat it. My favorite is a Kansas City secret. If you haven’t tried Joe’s Kansas City Barbeque then you are truly missing out. And while their smoked meats are heavenly, their french fries are INSANELY good. Being able to reheat french fries from Joe’s Kansas City was worth the entire amount I paid for my Ninja Air Fryer. 

Q: Are there foods that you absolutely refuse to reheat?

A: Definitely. The one that comes to mind first is chicken-fried steak with white gravy. When I was in college, my brother warned me not to reheat that dish because he had done it and gotten violently ill. As older brothers often do, I ignored him…and got really sick. Not sure what it is about that combination, but I refuse to even try reheating it again. 

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