Can I Reheat Boneless Wings? Tips on Which Method Is Best

The invention of boneless buffalo wings is probably one of the best that has come from humankind. You get all the flavor, extra chicken, and no messy bones to worry about!  

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So, if you have some leftovers, you’re likely wondering how to reheat boneless wings.  

Wonder no more. We’ve got all the tips and tricks for you.  

Can You Reheat Boneless Wings? 

While you can heat up pretty much any food that has been refrigerated or frozen, the problem usually arises when it comes to the best method.  

Can You Reheat Boneless Wings?

After all, you don’t want soggy noodles that fall apart or a pork chop that is as dry as a board.  

With chicken, the issue is usually drying out or turning rubbery.  

In general, we can say that foods that have been fried or breaded are best reheated using the oven or an air fryer, and foods that have been baked or grilled do better when reheated in the oven or back on the grill.  

When it comes to boneless wings, your best bet is likely going to be the oven, but it’s worth going through all the possibilities to see which one might surprise us.  

Should You Reheat Boneless Wings? 

Of course, you should always do your due diligence when it comes to safe food handling and warding off any foodborne illnesses, and chicken can be tricky if not handled properly.  

The standard rule of thumb for any chicken leftovers is to be sure the food is heated all the way through to a temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  

But be sure to do your own research.  

To get you started, I have linked this article from the BBC on what you need to know about reheating takeaways.   

How to Reheat Boneless Wings in the Oven 

The oven is not going to be the fastest method for these leftovers, but reheating boneless wings in the oven will probably be the approach that gets you the best overall results.  

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  2. Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper, and place your wings on the sheet in a single layer so they are not touching and they are evenly spread out across the sheet.  
  3. Spray your wings with some cooking oil, coconut oil or olive oil are best, or brush the wings with melted butter. This will help you lock in flavor and moisture.  
  4. Put the wings in the oven for 8-10 minutes, turning them over at the halfway point.  
  5. Check the internal temperature and enjoy! 

How to Reheat Boneless Wings in the Microwave 

Reheating boneless wings in the microwave is fast and easy, of course, but it can also be a little dicey.  


Well, reheating boneless wings in the microwave can leave you with rubbery chicken if you overcook them even a little bit.  

So be aware as you follow these steps:  

  1. Allow your wings to warm up to room temperature by setting them on the counter for about 10 minutes.  
  2. Place the wings on a microwave-safe plate, evenly spaced out and not touching.  
  3. Spritz the wings with some cooking oil.  
  4. Cover the plate with a food cover to lock in moisture.  
  5. Heat wings at full power at 75% power for 8 minutes.  
  6. Check the internal temperature and enjoy! 

How to Reheat Boneless Wings in an Air Fryer 

Reheating boneless wings in an air fryer is quick, easy, and can turn out some wonderful leftovers.  

Just be mindful that, because of the small, crowded nature of an air fryer, you will have to reheat them in batches.  

  1. Place only enough wings that can be evenly spread and spaced out in your fryer basket.  
  2. Spritz some cooking oil over the wings.  
  3. Set the air fryer to 400 degrees and cook for 5 to 10 minutes, checking the temperature along the way. 
  4. Enjoy your crispy wings! 

How to Reheat Boneless Wings on a Grill 

If you’ve been wondering about reheating boneless wings on a grill, now is your chance! 

How To Reheat Boneless Wings on a Grill

This method can turn out some amazingly saucy, crispy wings, but because it can take a lot of time and energy, you really should only take this approach if you already have your grill fired up.  

  1. Wrap your wings individually in aluminum foil with a bit of cooking oil or butter on each wing.  
  2. Place the wings on the grill over medium heat and close the lid. 
  3. Give them about 15 minutes to fully heat up.  
  4. Check the internal temperature and enjoy! 

How to Reheat Boneless Wings in a Toaster Oven 

Sometimes, all you’ve to work with is a toaster oven. Don’t worry, we can make that work with these simple directions: 

  1. Heat your toaster oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  2. Spread out your boneless wings evenly on a baking sheet covered with either aluminum foil or cooking spray to prevent sticking.  
  3. Spritz the top of your wings with cooking oil or brush with butter.  
  4. Bake the wings for 10-15 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit.  
  5. Enjoy! 

How to Reheat Boneless Wings in a Pan on the Stove 

Perhaps the quickest way to reheat your boneless wings that will also not sacrifice flavor is in a pan on the stove.  

  1. Heat a heavy frying pan on the stove over medium heat.  
  2. Cover the bottom of the pan with olive oil and allow to heat until a light smoke appears.  
  3. Evenly spread out your wings in the pan, so each wing touches the bottom of the pan.  
  4. Cover the wings and heat for two minutes then flip the wings, cover, and cook again for another two minutes.  
  5. Your wings should be fully cooked. Check the internal temperature and enjoy! 

WINNER – The Best Way to Reheat Boneless Wings Is Using the Oven 

While there are so many great ways to reheat boneless wings, the oven has to win this round.  

It is the only method that is guaranteed to deliver on flavor, crispiness, and fully heating through your meat without turning out a dry, rubbery, or overcooked dish that you end up having to toss. 

What do you think?  

Do you have any tips for reheating boneless wings?  

Let me know in the comments below.  

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