Can I Reheat Scrambled Eggs? Tips on Which Method Is Best

Who doesn’t like scrambled eggs? Many Americans have grown up enjoying eggs in the morning, and scrambled eggs are a simple, nutritious, and tasty way to start your day. 

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However, after cooking a big family breakfast, you might have a substantial amount of scrambled eggs left over. Don’t let those eggs go to waste. 

Learn how to properly reheat them, avoiding turning them into a rubbery mass, and you can enjoy them another day.  

Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs? 

The short answer is YES. The real question here is what is the best way to do it.  

Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs?

There are plenty of different methods you can employ in your kitchen to get your scrambled eggs warm again, but they offer slightly different results.  

Ideally, you want your reheated eggs to be fluffy, airy, and taste fresh. Out of your reheating options, which one works best to achieve these results? Let’s find out. 

Should You Reheat Scrambled Eggs? 

It is perfectly safe to reheat scrambled eggs as long as they have been stored properly in the refrigerator. Don’t reheat eggs that have been left at room temperature for more than two hours. 

If you have any doubts about whether your scrambled eggs are safe to eat, throw them out to avoid getting ill. For more information on the safety of reheating scrambled eggs, check out the USFDA guidance on egg safety.

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs in the Oven 

Reheating eggs in an oven is a great option if you have a large amount of scrambled eggs to reheat. 

For the best results, here’s how to reheat scrambled eggs in your oven: 

  1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Spread oil on the baking pan and place your eggs evenly on top. 
  3. Place aluminum foil over the eggs to help retain the moisture of your eggs. 
  4. Let the eggs reheat for 10-20 minutes and serve them hot with the seasoning of your choice. 

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave 

Reheating your eggs in a microwave should be done carefully because they can quickly overcook your eggs if you’re not careful.  

Here’s how to use a microwave for your eggs: 

  1. Put your eggs in a microwave-safe dish or bowl. 
  2. Place a lid or damp paper towel over it to lock in the moisture. 
  3. Microwave the eggs in 20-second intervals, stirring after each interval, to protect them from burning or sticking together. 
  4. Continue heating in 20-second intervals until warm. 
  5. Take the eggs out when they start steaming and drain any excess liquid before eating.

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs in an Air Fryer 

Air fryers can reheat eggs within minutes, but watch them closely to avoid rubbery eggs caused by overcooking. 

Here are the steps you should follow to reheat your scrambled eggs in an air fryer: 

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Cover the basket with a baking sheet. 
  3. Place your eggs in the basket for 2 minutes of reheating. 
  4. Check to see if they are evenly done. If not, place them back in for another minute. 
  5. Remove them, add whatever seasoning you like, and enjoy! 

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs in a Toaster Oven 

Reheating your scrambled eggs in a toaster oven resembles what happens in a typical kitchen oven. Toaster ovens, however, are typically meant for smaller batches of food.  

To achieve the best results reheating your eggs in a toaster oven, follow these steps: 

  1. Apply oil to the bottom of your pan or baking tray. 
  2. Preheat the oven to at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  3. Add your leftover scrambled eggs to the pan and cover it with a lid. 
  4. Let the eggs warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.  
  5. Remove the eggs from the oven once you’re confident they have warmed up to at least 165 degrees. 

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs on a Grill 

The best way to reheat scrambled eggs on a grill is to use a flat-top grill.  

Here are the steps you need to follow for the best results: 

  1. Preheat the grill to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  2. Put some oil or butter on the surface of the flat-top (or in a skillet if you don’t have a flat-top grill. 
  3. Place your eggs on the flat top (or place the skillet on the grill) and stir them for at least 5 minutes. 
  4. Make sure they reach a temperature of at least 165 degrees. 
  5. Remove them once they are steaming hot and serve with your seasoning of choice. 

How to Reheat Scrambled Eggs on a Stove 

If you’re going to use the stove to reheat your eggs, you’ll pretty much go through the same process you used when cooking them in the first place. You’ll need to keep stirring the eggs constantly, or they will clump up, burn, or dry out.  

How To Reheat Scrambled Eggs on a Stove

Here’s how to reheat scrambled eggs on the stove for the best results: 

  1. Place butter in your skillet or pan. 
  2. Set the stove to medium heat until the pan is warmed up and the butter is melted. 
  3. Place your eggs in the pan and cover it with a lid. 
  4. Let the eggs heat up for 5 minutes, then uncover them. 
  5. Make sure the eggs reach a temperature of 165 Fahrenheit. 
  6. Serve the eggs hot and enjoy! 

WINNER – The Best Way to Reheat Scrambled Eggs is Using a Pan on the Stove! 

While many rely on microwaves for quick reheating of leftover food, this is not the best approach to scrambled eggs. If you’re hoping to achieve results that resemble freshly cooked scrambled eggs as closely as possible, your best bet will be to use a stove and skillet.  

While this method will involve almost as much effort as it took to cook the eggs in the first place, it’s the most likely to result in light, fluffy, moist, and delicious scrambled eggs.  

Do you have a favorite method for reheating scrambled eggs? Share your tips and tricks in the comments. 

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